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Happy Birthday Cincoflex!

Hope You Have A Happy Day

Happy Birthday Cincoflex! Have a Great Day.

Notorious CINCO


Skipped Back 10

June 13th, 2007

Happy B-Day


Wishing you the happiest of days. 
May it be the beginning of a fabulous year!

Below is a small token in honor of your birthday and all the wonderful gifts you share with the rest of us through the year.

June 12th, 2007

A few goodies behind the cut...

Hope you have a terrific day!

My bad - I haven't actually gotten your snail-mail present in the mail yet. I hope to do that by the end of the week.

Anyway, here's a banner. : )

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday cincoflex!!!!

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Hope you got the mail. And...

We were told you had an affinity for custom banners. So here's my tribute to one of my favorite stories that you've written.

Hope you enjoy my dismal PhotoShop Skills.Collapse )

June 13th, 2006

not too late?

Happy birthday Cincoflex! 
I hope you had a great time, you sure have a lot of friends wishing the best for you which is a blessing by itself. I hope we 'll be here to enjoy your fanfiction for a long long time.Cheers!

June 12th, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!

R&I - Dream Team
Just wanted to say Hello! and Happy Birthday!! I hope this birthday turns out to be the best one yet. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you've give all of us. You've given me many many pleasurable hours of reading. I love all of your House fics... mosts especially Tempered! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

So anyway, have a great birthday... here's a chocolate Wilson, House and Cuddy for you to enjoy! Have fun!

~ Rebecca

Happy Birthday!

Smart Ass Lucy
I love that you are (virtually) surrounded by people who adore and celebrate you!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl. May you have a year filled with luck, love and joy. Thanks for all the wonderful moments your writing has given me.

You rock!

Happy Day!

He walks in dreams
Just a quick note to wish you a glorious birthday...and a little icon all your own! :)

Pluck it from the entry and use it as you see fit.

Happy Birthday!

Creative than neat
For the Queen of Smut who has me reading CSI fan fiction and I don't even watch the show! ;-)

Pretty Pics of a Hunky Guy and His Stunning Gal. :D

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