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Happy Birthday Cincoflex!

Hope You Have A Happy Day

Happy Birthday Cincoflex! Have a Great Day.

Notorious CINCO


June 14th, 2008

Happy birthday, my beautiful, smart, talented, sexy friend. You are so important to me and I'm lucky to have you in my life!!!

I hope the day was fabulous!!!


June 13th, 2008

Wishing you a day filled with joy, happiness, and a little naughtiness! :)
I hope you had a great birthday!


June 12th, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I have failed at mail lately, but I have you a box full of love started, and now that I have job situation squared away, I will be making a valiant attempt to get it in the mail to you ASAP.

You have inspired me and entertained me. I am blessed to have you in my life. :)


June 13th, 2008

Yes I know I'm late but I just wanted to wish a really Happy Birthday and I wanted to thank you for making my life happier every time you post something! I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by the ones you love!
Sorry but I couldn't help it the pic is waaay much better than my writing!

June 12th, 2008


Many happy returns of the day, dearest!
Happy Birthday Baroness..........May Your Day Be As Marvelous As You Are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little something I 'cooked' up for your special day.

There once was a writer named Cinco
And boy could she write the Kink - O
It was handcuffs and whips
And 'Ouch' nipple clips
And once she painted Greg Day-Glo


(no subject)

Back Iconage
Happy Birthday Cincoflex! Simple, yet...to the point. :D

(no subject)

Happy Birthday Cinco!

You are an amazing and wonderful woman. You have so many qualities I admire...your talent, your wit, your courage. You have strength of character, a beautiful heart and luminous soul.

I wish for you a year of peace, continuance of good things and healing of the difficult.

I wish for you a year of health, for you, your wonderful husband, your gorgeous children and all those you love.

I wish for you a year of prosperity, not just in dollars but in joys and blessings.

I wish for you a year of wonder, love and beauty.

I wish for you, peace.

June 13th, 2007

OK, so I'm a day late and a dollar short for Cinco's Birthday Celebration...

clicketyCollapse )

(no subject)

One should not post when they are exhausted, but I did and here is the revised banner for Collar and Cuffs.  After seeing some of the other wonderful things made for Cincoflex I was inspired to throw this story banner together in a couple of minutes.  I apologize for not recognizing ScullysEvilTwin and hope that she will enjoy the revised banner along with Cinco.

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